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Clarke Quay



ETFE foil cushion


CapitaLand Mall Trust Management

Scope of Work:

Mock Up, Conceptual Design, Construction Design

Completion Date:



During late 19th century, lying nears the mouth of the Singapore River; it was a busy seaport as trade increase between the East and West. To store the goods from the traders, the government has built warehouses in Clarke Quay. Thus, the essential history of the Clarke Quay, it turned into the biggest conservation project for the Singapore River.

In 2006, the centre of Clarke Quay is enveloped with ETFE cushions system. The ETFE cushion roofs are supported by 18 ‘angel’ supporting frames with mechanical cooling system between the conversation warehouses. The ETFE cushion roofs cover the four streets in Clarke Quay.

Multimedia Engineering has completed the mock up unit for the Clarke Quay before the construction of ETFE cushion roof in Clarke Quay.