WINSSDM® is a specialized software for the design, manufacturing and installation of patented nodal spaceframe structures. More than hundreds of thousands m2 of spaceframe structures have been installed using WinSSDM® over the past 20 years.

Design Standard

Full design check to British Standard 5950:2000 Part 1.


Automatic Generation Commands for automatic generation of standard spaceframe configuration for planar, barrel vaults, geodesic domes, isoceles domes, doubly curve rectangular, hexagonal and many other spaceframes configurations.

Member Optimisation Automatic member selection and sizing for minimum weight.

Component Selection Automatic sizing of bolt, sleeve and cone to match member size.

Nodal Connection - Nodal connections are checked for both internal and external crashing. Hole orientation is automatically determined and data can be linked to CNC machines.

Fabrication Drawings - Detailed factory cutting lists on quantity of members, member sizes, member length, quantity of sleeves, sleeve length, quantity of cones, cone length, quantity of nodes, node sizes, hole orientation, quantity of bolts and bolt sizes.

Installation Drawings -Automatic generation of installation drawings for pipes and node,  grouped accordingly for fast installation.


Linear statics finite element analysis


AutoCAD DXF, Staad Pro, Stereo, Lithography

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