WinFabric® is a full featured tensile membrane design and analysis program developed for both practicing engineers and designers. The unique feature of WinFabric® is that it provides a complete solution from form finding, geometrical nonlinear finite element load analysis, patterning, connection engineering, fabrication and erection.

Design Standard and Dimensioing

Full design check to British Standard 5950:2000 Part 1 and automatic dimensioning of border cables, tie-back cable, fabric reinforcement, shackles, corner plates and accessories.

Standard Shape

WinFabric has built in commands for fast generation of many standard membrane shapes such as Barrel Vaults (standard and free ends), Cones(circular, rectangle, elliptical, polygonal and double cone), Dome (ribbed/Un-ribbed), Hypar, Surface (ruled, revolved, sine-sine and sine-cosine),Tunnel, Umbrella ...

Fabric Material Stiffness

Built-in commonly used fabric stiffness data obtained from biaxial testing for fabric manufactured by FiberTop, Mehler, Tenara, Taconic and Verseidag.


Geometrical nonlinear finite element analysis with Newton Raphson algorithm.


AutoCAD DXF, Staad Pro, Stereo, Lithography

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